Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the calories, protein and sugar does a serving contains?

A: Different flavors has their own nutritional values. You can check out the images under the product page. Generally, it is around 120cal, 6g and 4g.


Q: Why is the powder takes longer to dissolve as compared to other brands?

A: Because we do not add substance to improve solubility. All natural! Thus, it will take some time to dissolve. Do follow preparation steps to enjoy the fullest! 


Q: When is the cut-off time to process the order?

A: All orders will be processed by 5pm daily. Orders received after 5pm will be processed the following working day. We are closed on Sunday.


Q: How long does a delivery take in Singapore?

A: 1 - 3 days. 


Q: When is the expiry date?

A: BEST BEFORE 1 year of manufactured date. With advanced packing technology, we can achieve such numbers without using preservatives.