About us

About us

Smart Food's motto is eating healthy, living healthy. With modern packing technology, we believe it is possible to enjoy fresh and healthy food in a convenient way.

 According to data from Ministry of Health, diabetes and heart disease fall in top 10 conditions of hospitalization in Singapore.  

Prevention is better than cure. Start looking for alternatives to balance your diet. Our aim is to help you to achieve it in an easy way.

 Start with us today!


Our vision

We believe everyone is working hard towards their dream in this fast-moving society. We will work as hard to nourish your health and keep you going and explore new possibilities.

Our values

Human touch - We listen to feedback from the ground and tailor to each individual needs. 

Daring initiatives - We are not afraid to limit ourselves with what we have to improve people's lives. We will innovate and move with the world.

Integrity - We take pride in our work, colleagues, products and clients. Doing right thing for consumers and partners is always our priority.